Cut to Park you can also enjoy the excellent combination of nature and culture, which is without doubt a unique and rewarding. During the summer, when we all like to enjoy the fresh air, the "dry Pèlag" becomes an auditorium that hosts extraordinary series of jazz and other live music as well as poetry. Anyone who has had the opportunity to live any cultural event in this area, is admired and you can guarantee that repeats.

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The Park Courts often becomes a place to enjoy culture. Viloví neighbors, seeing the potential of this area has already held several events. For several years, the City of Viloví July organizes a series of jazz "Pèlag dry." This area is adorned with warm lights and a stage located near the bottom that gets public can enjoy the music in ideal conditions. Among the events of the festival of the people are programmed Indie Night, which is also the "dry Pèlag" possibliltat and offered the attendees to discover great bands of this style that are not yet well known.
Note that one of the first events organized in this area was called the Christmas tour, which as the name suggests is celebrated during the Christmas holidays. It was a route through the area of the park that cuts in most people's organizations participated, were located in different places and offering all visitors a true picture of Christmas, a small musical performance, theater or dance, among others. Is to admire the fact that all the people are involved in some way. Hopefully in a few years we can again revive the cultural richness of the Christmas Tour, an event that reached different family name Viloví place in the region.